Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Presentations and workshops delivered

2019: Community Resilience on Earth & Beyond - Institute for the Future, Palo Alto, CA

2019: Consumer Demand and the Climate Crisis - panelist at IFTF's World Readiness Summit, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

2019: Experiential Participatory Futures - Foresight Festival 2019, Google X, Mountain View, CA

2019: Futures Thinking workshop - STEAM Summer Program, St. Andrew Private School Theological & Academic University, Oakland, CA

2019: Exploring Virtual Reality (VR) to Enhance Communications & Wellbeing in Isolated, Confined, and Extreme (ICE) Environments, Mars Academy USA Space Medicine Tele-lectures

2018: Hospital of the Future, iCEE Health, Bucharest, Romania

2018: Reimagining the Future: Designing a Regenerative Society - Primer 2018, San Francisco, CA

2018: Hospital of the Future – immersive presentation and facilitated workshops – Alberta Health, Edmonton, AB

2017: Virtual Reality Applications in Healthcare - SFVR360 octo, San Francisco, CA

2017: Dementia Futures Research Strategy – multi-stakeholder desired future and strategy development workshops

2017: Future of Community Health Care –multiple foresight workshops with staff and senior management

2017: “Creative Problem Solving” - 2 day workshop for staff engagement retreat for Elevated Learning Academy

2016-17: “Design for Government” – multiple full day workshops for Alberta Heath senior management and staff

2015: "Shifting Mainstream Consumption Patterns for a Circular Economy", A Future without Waste: Redefining Value, Building the Circular Economy, Toronto

2015: "User-Centred Design for a Circular Economy Transition", Disruptive Innovation Festival, Ellen McArthur Foundation (presenter and moderator)

2015: "The New Economy: How the Sharing Economy is a More Sustainable Economy", Connecting Environmental Professionals, Toronto (presenter and moderator)

2015:Exploring Collaborative Consumption at the Community Level”, Urban Ecologies Conference, Toronto (designed and co-led workshop)

2014:Re‐imagining the Future: The Biomimetic Economy”, Systems Thinking and Design Conference, Oslo, Norway

2012:Marketing & Communications for User Engagement and Behaviour Change”, Partners in Project Green, Toronto

2011: “Power of Art & Design to Change the World”, Arts & Letters Club, Toronto

2010-2011: Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” - 12 presentations over 15 months, Toronto

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