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+ Research Design and Customer Insights - Do you know the needs, pains, goals and dreams of your users/ customers/ stakeholders/ community?

Gain key insights about the users, people and communities that matter to the success of your organization and/or idea. Participatory and traditional research are used to map out needs, challenges, hopes and dreams, to help you identify evidence-based insights for innovation opportunities.

+ Participatory Strategic Foresight - Do you know how the changing world around you impacts the future direction and success of your organization?

Understand how the rapidly changing environment may impact your organization and “future-proof” your strategic plan by anticipating emerging trends and opportunities. Engaging relevant stakeholders helps uncover blind spots and provide critical insights to map out risks and prospects for innovation. 

+ Strategy Co-Design & Change Implementation - Are you and your organization prepared to implement your strategic plan and achieve your desired outcomes?

Co-designing your strategy to achieve your desired outcomes using a human-centred approach ensures relevancy, early buy-in, and a more robust action plan. Informed by user and landscape/market research, strategic foresight, and your organizational asset and capacity assessment, your strategic plan may include options for delivery of services and products, business models, organizational and governance structures, operating models and activation plan for implementing change.

+ Training & Workshops – Are you and your team and staff prepared to drive and spread innovation across your organization?

Build capacity for your staff to drive and spread innovation across your organization. Inquire about custom training sessions that may last anywhere from 3 hours to 2 days.  

+ Mapping and Navigating Complexity – Do you find yourself stuck in complexity, muddling through minutia without grasping the larger picture?

Understanding the full depth and breadth of an issue can be daunting.  Taking a systems approach, with multi-stakeholder participation, and strong facilitation and visualization tools, will  help you make sense of the challenge, gain a full picture, uncover leverage points for change and chart a path forward.   

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