A few words about me from some of my former clients and collaborators.

      "I’ve worked with Ksenia on two projects. One was a professional development workshop for my staff, on creative problem solving and design thinking. The second was a community building event on empowerment and goal setting. With both events, Ksenia invested a great deal of time gaining a rich understanding of the complex issues and audience at hand, presented a variety of ideas, was flexible to apply feedback, utilized a wealth of resources and tools to ensure that the presentations were interactive and clear, and came up with an end result of colourful and engaging workshops. In addition to the immense amount of preparation and organization that she invests into everything that she does, Ksenia also brings with her a spirit of warmth, openness and inspiration, which allowed the participants and myself, as the organizer, to feel like we can accomplish more than we ever thought possible." 

Julie Rubin, Executive Director, Elevated Learning Academy

      “Ksenia is a natural manager of people and resources. She brings a people focus to our team, with a confident and keen attention to the needs and aspirations of those she works with. …Ksenia brings a very unique specialist skill set in the areas of design-thinking, strategic foresight, human centred design and public sector innovation. These skills are exceptionally scarce … and are very applicable to finding and delivering innovation.”

- Jonathan Veale, Director of Strategic Foresight and Innovation, Ministry of Health

      “Ksenia has demonstrated great capacity to flourish as an outstanding leader in the public sector and in the areas of systemic thinking and strategic foresight. In working directly with Ksenia, I have been amazed at her willingness to take direction and subsequent ownership to adapt her approach to achieve results.  I have been most impressed by her agility to anticipate and readily adjust to changing circumstances … she models the attributes of a high performer that is easy to guide, works very well with others, and is committed to delivering excellence.”

- Scott Beeby, Director, Policy Capacity, Ministry of Health

      “It's rare that you come across such great talent that I found in Ksenia! She joined the TD Environment team to help create an engagement strategy to get our employees to use our internal social media tools to learn more about the environment and collaborate with one another. I was very impressed by Ksenia's knowledge in the world of sustainability, and the amazing ideas that she brought to the table. She was able to juggle a number of tasks and helped develop a fantastic employee engagement plan using social media.”

- Oussama Benkabbour, Manager, TD Bank Group 

      “Ksenia is a quick learner and one of the most pro-active hires I've encountered at P&G. During her first week in the business, she identified more efficient ways to manage one of our core marketing processes and took initiative to recommend changes. She's a great problem-solver - the consistency and high quality of her work speaks for itself.”

- Will Chung, Category Brand Manager, P&G Canada

      Ksenia is passionate about sustainability issues, which drives her marketing projects to truly connect with customers. She uses her natural curiosity to ask great questions in order to understand what customers value and how best to reach out to them. And she quantifies the "bottomline" numbers to support the business case. It would be my pleasure to work with Ksenia again.

- Kelly Hagen, VP Operations, Zerofootprint

     “Ksenia is truly passionate about sustainability. Her passion is soinspiring and contagious that it allows her to motivate and mobilize people. She is an expert in CSR communications devoted to helping companies engage stakeholders around sustainability objectives.

Ksenia’s skills ensure that every project is a success: she is strategic, energetic, diligent, creative, a great problem solver and an outstanding team player. I would recommend Ksenia without any hesitation; she is an asset to any team!”

- Maria Jose Ramos Bravo, Director Partnerships, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) 

     "Ksenia is incredibly intelligent andis at the forefront of knowledge when it comes to sustainability and systems innovation. She was able to draw on a lot of background reading and literature and also share new tools she has used in the past with the team. She really helped to communicate the complex, multi-levelled work Forum is doing, in clear, simple and engaging ways… did a great job and was proactive in exploring ways to communicate these things.”

- Louise Armstrong, Senior Sustainability Advisor, Forum for the Future

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