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Below are a few sample projects that I have worked on. Questions or comments? Please reach out

Sustainable Consumption Insights and Strategies

As the world braces for three billion new consumers entering the middle class by 2030, forward thinking organizations and cities are transitioning into smarter and more restorative production and consumption models. Large scale transitions require business model and policy innovations and human-centered systemic design strategies to create socio-cultural shifts around how we consume products; use energy and water; and live fulfilled and healthy lives.

Using design thinking and systems design approach, I have been conducting research to gain deeper insights into the drivers and barriers for individual consumers/users, in addition to socio-cultural trends relating to shifting to sustainable consumption patterns.

Consumer insights and design strategies for socializing circular modes of value exchange. Click for more

User research exploring leading attitudes towards energy conservation behaviours.

Strategies for consumer engagement and behaviour change. Click for slideshow

Futures trends, signals, implications and scenarios relevant and influential to consumer goods and retail brands.

Report submitted to the City of Toronto proposing material reduction and reuse strategies to be considered as part of the goal to address Toronto’s Long-Term Waste Issues at the residential level. 

Click here for full report

Service Design Strategy

Service design strategy is about understanding the deepest purpose and competencies of an organization; the explicit and implicit needs of the user; and the current and future context within which an organization is situated in to ensure that the service is relevant, competitive, and addresses implicit and explicit needs of the customer.

Taking a user-centered approach in my work, I have used the following research, analysis and strategy design methodologies during the process: Competitive Landscape Scan, User Interviews, Stakeholder Workshops, Observations, Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Customer Journey Maps, Customer Personas, Product/Service Concept Designs, and Stages of Buying Process Maps.

Market opportunity research, business model concept design, and activation plan. 
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Market opportunity research within the Canadian cooperative segment and strategy development. Click for more

Feasibility study and business model concept design for an innovation service centre. 

Digital Strategy Design and Stakeholder Engagement

I take a user-centered approach in my work involving stakeholders early in the process, essential for buy-in and engagement. This creates an opportunity for potential users and decision makers to be part of the ideation, prototyping and evaluation processes, bringing ideas and challenges based on their unique experiences and organizational roles. This leads to more robust plans with an engaged constituency.

Digital communications and employee engagement strategy and implementation (with Carbon49) 

Planned, developed, and guided CBSR’s digital Member Engagement strategy; communications strategy and events.

Employee Engagement competition design. Click here for more

Systems Mapping

Systems mapping is a method for visually representing complexity that helps to support comprehensive analysis and plan for action. System maps allow users to quickly gain an overview of complex relationships and dynamics between seemingly unrelated elements.

As companies and governments tackle complex issues, materiality – addressing the issues of outmost importance in the context of business, policy and stakeholder risks and priorities – is paramount. Accurately identifying the material issues is not always obvious. A shift from typical ‘silos’ approach to problem solving, to an integrated systems approach in managing and reducing impacts is instrumental in driving positive change.

A learning tool exploring the nature of the economic system and business models in relation to design principles of Biomimicry. Click here for more

The gold value chain systems map explores the impact of supply of gold on demand and trading prices. 


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