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My name is Ksenia Benifand.  I am a human-centered designer and foresight strategist with a decade of experience helping people and organizations envision, plan and lead transformational change

I use a variety of empathy building, strategic foresight and co-design facilitation tools, and bring together diverse multi-stakeholder groups to collectively map out issues, uncover levers for change, co-design a “desired future state”, and develop a transition path forward. I strongly believe that it is at the intersectional systems wide level, where we can truly uncover levers for change and develop pathways forward for scalable innovation and impact.

Over the last decade, I have developed extensive expertise helping various organizations use the innovation process to gain deeper insights into the human experience and to help map systems to better pinpoint challenges and opportunities for strategic design interventions. I get excited seeing people have an “aha” moment when they realize the design thinking process at work! 

I am a graduate from OCAD University with a Master of Design (M.Des) in Strategic Foresight and Innovation.

Let's Work Together - How I Can Help

  • Do you know the needs, pains, goals and dreams of your users/customers/stakeholders/community?
  • Do you know how the constantly changing world is impacting the future direction and success of your organization?
  • Is your organization prepared for potentially undergo transformative change in order to execute your strategic plan, reach your desired outcomes and stay ahead of disruptive change?
  • Are you and your team and staff prepared to drive innovation across the organization or are you stuck in siloes? 
  • Do you find your team stuck in complexity, muddling through minutia without grasping the larger picture?

My work focuses on transformative systemic change, with an ultimate goal to help businesses, policy makers, and community groups envision and co-create a path forward that benefits and empowers your clients, citizens and communities; creates economic development and business opportunities; addresses environmental challenges; and builds thriving and resilient societies across cities, communities, and organizations.  

Sounds interesting? I would love to tell you more - please see my services section.

Below are logos of organizations that I have worked for and with since 2007. Some of these were my clients, others were full-time or part-time employment roles. For my resume, please see my LinkedIn profile or contact me for my CV.  

Want to know more about me and my work?

Take a look at some of the things my clients and colleagues have said about my work here. Also take a look at some examples of my work

You can also connect with me on Twitter, I post tweets about best practices in the foresight and innovation field, new technologies, and ideas for social innovation in healthcare and sustainability.   

I look forward to getting to know you more! I hope we can be in touch.

Ksenia Benifand

PS: I am getting really excited about and dabbling in application of Virtual Reality as a sense-making, empathy building, and co-design tool. You can see my participatory Virtual Reality art project here, and stay tuned for more of my projects using this transformational technology.  If you have any VR projects in mind, where you would like to collaborate, please get in touch!

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