Sharing Economy & Collaborative Consumption

We live in a complex and dynamic time period where many social, economic and environmental challenges are converging and scaling up at an unprecedented rate.

The Sharing Economy has emerged as an economic model based on sharing, swapping, trading, or renting products and services, enabling access to goods over ownership which has a potentail to help address some of the challenges faced today.

This way of consuming and using goods is becoming a greater part of lifestyle choices (especially for millennials and younger generations) and increasingly an important part of our public discourse.

Sharing economy goes beyond re-thinking lifestyles, by incorporating strategies for how we access financial and social capital, develop and grow trust, and reduce waste.

What is driving the uptake and spread of the sharing economy?

  • Shifting consumer values from desiring material possessions to desiring greater experiences.
  • Utilizing assets with idling capacity helping to unlock value in underused assets.
  • Shift in trust from corporations and governments to peers.
  • Technological innovations helping connect more people to more things, people, spaces, and etc.
  • Environmental concerns about waste, energy and resource scarcity. 

My Involvement and Expertise

After spending several years conducting consumer-centred research and living a sharing economy lifestyle, I have developed various tools and case studies to help with the sharing economy transition. I discovered opportunities and barriers for sharing that can be used by both cities and businesses and community groups.  

Research & Strategy Development

As cities, communities and organizations embrace and transition into more sharing opportunities, understating end users and developing an asset-based strategy becomes paramount. I have developed a report for the City of Toronto proposing collaborative consumption strategies as part of waste reduction and community development work.  The full report can be accessed here.

Participatory Planning and Research

Collaboration is key to uncovering effective solutions and strategic development. I have developed surveys, workshops and presentations to gain insights from multiple stakeholders and viewpoints. 

You can see an example of a workshop I designed and hosted at the Urban Ecologies conference here

Curating Events and Conferences

As one of the founding members of Share Toronto, working to create conditions to enable the City of Toronto become a shareable city,  I am working to organize and host events and conferences to spread knowledge and expertise on the sharing economy.  

I would be thrilled to help your organization, community, or municipality discover opportunities for unlocking values of underused assets, develop and strengthen communities of users, and share your stories for increased engagement. Please contact me for more details.

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